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Jalgaon At a Glance

Lying in close proximity to some of the major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, etc., Jalgaon has emerged as an eminent name in the domain of real estate. The overcrowded cities have enhanced its significance for settlement. Various Green city townships have started herein along with commercial complexes. Nevertheless, the demand for agricultural lands and farm houses too has increased rapidly for its immense production of cotton and banana. The cloth business has a definite future herein owing to the same factors.


About Jalgaon

Situated to the north of Maharashtra, Jalgaon is a city well known for its rapid industrial development, educational institutions, world-class health facilities and more. Besides all these, the city is known for its transportation facilities and commercial development. It is the home for various manufacturing industries and it is noteworthy that Jalgaon has immense potential for a booming business. Wipro, Bosch and Bharat Petroleum, JAIN irrigation system , Emco transformares, Marico Industries, Raymond and Supreme Parts are some of the businesses that have grown immensely herein.

History of Jalgaon

A part of Khandesh in its early years, Jalgaon bears immense historical significance. "Khandesh" was derived from the title of “Khan” to Malik Nasir that was bestowed by Ahmad-I. It is also said that the name bears traces to the legends of the Mahabharata and is known to have derived its name from the Khandava forest. After the reign of the Buddhist rulers, Khandesh was ruled by Saptavananas, Virsen, Chalukyas, Alaud-din-Khilji, etc. This was followed by the rule of the Maratha kings and then the British Empire took over. 1906 saw the division of Khandesh into two, the eastern part subsequently being called Jalgaon.


Well-connected by roadways and railways to the major cities of Mumbai, Nagpur, Surat and Delhi, Jalgaon has become favourable as a spot for real estate investment. Lying on the NH6, it is connected to the two major cities of Kolkata and Surat which enables it to connect to the commercial and industrial growth of these urban centers.

The two major attractions i.e. the Ajanta caves and the Yaval Wildlife Sanctuary are also easily accessible. The nearest airport is at Aurangabad. The distance of the district from the major cities are:
Mumbai-Jalgaon : 420 kms
Aurangabad-Jalgaon : 150 kms
Pune-Jalgaon : 378 kms
Nagpur-Jalgaon : 400kms
Nasik-Jalgaon : 250 kms
Indore-Jalgaon : 350 kms

Geography, Weather, Culture, Tradition

Located at 21°01'N 75°34'E / 21.01, 75.56, Jalgaon is experiences the maximum temperature upto 48.0 degree Celsius and a minimum temperature upto 10.3 degree Celsius.

Jalgaon has a rich culture and tradition and the istrict exults in four main fairs throughout the year. These include: Rama Rathotsava fair, Navaratri-Mahalaxmi fair, Changdeo fair, Mukatabai fair. Ahirani and Marathi are the languages spoken here.

Future Planning

The Indian Government is paying special attention to the over-all development of Jalgaon seeing its immense potential in the realm of real estate. So far, a Rs. 2000 crore plan has been approved which encompass various issues such as setting up and maintenance of lights, stadium, gardens, roads and slums. The plan is also concerned with the Waghur Dam that is responsible for the supply of water to the entire district.

Investment in Jalgaon

The Real Estate industry has seen a tremendous growth in this region in the recent years. With relatively lower property rates, this area has attracted the attention of many for prolific returns on their investment in properties herein. Moreover, the government plans have boosted up its growth thereby making it a hot-spot for real estate investment.

Ajanta Cave

The perfect example of Buddhist religious art along with universal pictorial art, the Ajanta caves continue to entice the onlooker and embrace him into its magical charm. Being well connected to the Aurangabad district, where the caves are located, Jalgaon is one of the ideal destinations for those who wish to unravel the beauty of nature.